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14 March 2009 @ 01:23 pm
So I've just completed my third week back at uni studying animation for the first time... and I'm LOVING it!
I'm finally doing what I want to do, everything I'm being taught makes sense and the assessment is actually useful (as opposed to education which didn't make any sense to me at all -_-;; ). My units are interesting ^_^o I'm studying Visual Communication, Creative Industries: People & Practices, Drawing for Design (my fav) and Animation and Motion Graphics (the most intense)

Visual Communication's assessment is pretty awesome. We have to design an object/device that will enhance or restrict the human body, then construct all the visual components related to it, such as the design of the object, the advertising, the logo, etc. I was a little worried at first that I wouldn't come up with a good enough idea in time >_< but luckily Mirues gave me the awesome idea of designing an object that will ease PMS and period pain. ^_^o Tis going to be awesome, we have so many ideas for marketing. My favourite design for the device so far is a pretty, shiny jewel-like device that clips onto your underpants. Twill be fun to design the packaging for it ^^ but yes...

Drawing for Design is my favourite class. We basically sit in a studio for 2-3 hours sketching and working on exercises... then everything we do in that time (and outside of class) we put into a powerpoint and submit XD tis awesome!! The lecturers/tutors have a wicked sense of humour too. They're very entertaining ^_^ and I feel they give some really helpful advice. We get to do life drawing too ^_^o luckily the last model was really pretty and had a good figure to draw~~ so I got some really good pose references for future. AND I learnt how to animate something in photoshop in just 10 MINS!! I've been wanting to learn that for years >__< it's so simple!!! *is so happy*

Creative Industries: People & Practices is all theory, but it's incredibly useful and relevant to me. There are 1500 people in the unit but everyone in my tut is studying Animation so we all have a common interest and set goal ^^ Most love disney, (even the guys!) and prefer 2D over 3D!! YAY!! My first piece of assessment (due next friday but I have it done already ^^) is just a 500 word online profile (so no academic writing~~ twas a challenge to write simply @__@ ) about myself as a creative practitioner ^^ I can put it straight into my career profile! The second is a 1000 word report on a creative practitioner (e.g. write about someone like Walt Disney or Brad Bird) and the last one is another essay.

Animation and Motion Graphics is my most troublesome unit. I'm really excited about the assessment and the topic but since I haven't had much experience using After Effects before, I have a LOT of study and practice to do >_< If I practice heaps, I should be fine~ just need to get a feel for the program ^^

but yes, absolutely LOVING it.

Luckily, even though James and I go to separate unis and have different timetables, we still get to see each other around twice a week ^__^o I was so worried before that with our uni stuff and James's work, we wouldn't be able to see each other at all this semester >_< ... sadly I don't see Matt-Matt or Naomi very much... Matt-matt moved out just before uni started. He's got an awesome place walking distance from Kelvin Grove QUT! *stayed at his a few times in the first few weeks cos of an 8am lecture tuesday mornings* I hope he's found a job now as I know he needs one... it's so hard to find them lately. I've given up searching. Just going to focus on doing well at uni and doing commissions whenever I can~~ I'm really lucky mum's supporting me ^_^o and miles!

He bought me the computer I'm using right now @_@ It's so fast! *loves it so much* Mum bought me a new desk and chair too! Since Matt moved out, we got the study back so Mirues decided to take over the whole room... leaving me nowhere to put my computer.. theeeen we discovered that the space right beside the upstairs family room computer would be perfect to fit a desk and chair and, even though it's right in the open for all to see, it wouldn't look that messy if we got the right desk and chair ^_^ Took a bit of convincing to get mum to allow it but it's perfect!! And I can have aircon whenever I want here XD

Asides from all that, there's not much to tell. I really should be working on my AE practice >_<

So, jaa!
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09 February 2009 @ 11:40 pm
Alrighty~~~ Although I won't be able to spend Valentine's with my lovely boyfriend James (gaul bladder surgery on the 12th shall leave me sick and immobile over such time), I still wanted to make something special for him ^_^ and what better way to get to a man's heart than through his stomach~~~ <33

To spoil my love, my good friend Tahli and I spent all of two days creating delicious, adorable desserts including: Heart-shaped Chocolate Bit Cookies, Strawberry and Baby Angelcakes, Vanilla Muffins with pink frosting aaaand my personal fav... Heart-shaped chocolates ^_^

Here's some evidence of our hard labour!

Tahli: "OMFG I found the icing!"

The casualties of baking.... poor dishwasher had a mighty feat to conquer...

The outcome!!

Nom nom nom....

Go on... try it... we dare you <33

Heart-shaped Choccies!! In a mixture of white, dark and milk choccy ^_^

We're so proud of ourselves hehe <33

Hope my sweetheart likes them all as much as we do~~~
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05 September 2008 @ 11:32 am
Wow, it's been a while since I've written on here ^^;;; Over 6months... ehehe... sorry, y'all. Just to update: After being jobless for 3months, I finally got a job yesterday at Movieworld! WOO! I have a new, loving, beautiful boyfriend, James-kun ^_^o who actually tells me he loves me and lives in QLD (damn redcliffe is still a long way away ._. but better than melbourne!), I'm trying to get into Animation at Uni (finally dropped Teaching) and have about a month to submit my portfolio~ (which I should really be working on right now ^^;; )

aaand.... yeah.... that's about it XD nada much exciting.

I'm just very very happy ^__^o The begginning of this year was one of the worst for me.... I got dumped horribly by Josh - but things seem to be okay between us now... Matt-Matt has been living with me since March. Which is AWESOME!! Though I still don't get to see him very much cos our timetables are different >.o

Aaaaand now I'm gonna go sketch lol


xx Laur
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23 November 2007 @ 12:43 am
Mmmm just watched Good Morning Vietnam for the first time. Brilliant movie - not what I expected at all hehe

Currently at my dad's. Was meant to be here for 10days - am now staying for two months XD I HAVE A JOB!

Working at the restaurant/bar of the Katherine Golf Club. First shift is on saturday. I'm looking forward to it ^^

Mum's not too happy about me staying though. I won't be home for christmas... Miles is shitty too.

But I'm glad I'll be here this year. Really looking forward to getting some money together for Melbourne.

Frick I miss Josh...

I can't wait til February.

Heard his latest song this morning. Prize #2. So beautiful. The lyrics are brilliant! Quite sad though... and the piano sounds so pretty n upbeat T_T I can see why Joshy has fun playing it ^^ I'm really looking forward to hearing it in real. heheh though I swear - if Jen's heard HER song - I should be able to hear 'MY' song, damnit! Mmmmm then again... how knows what I might hear? Could be good or bad @_@ (dun dun DUN)

*demands compensation nonetheless* =3

mmmmm... gawd I'm tired. I wish I could chat with him now... damn work -_-

ah well... best ah sleep.

Shall post again soon

Gotta shop for new work shoes in the morrow~

xx Laur
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18 November 2007 @ 06:13 pm
As of last Monday, I am 19years old...
and I'd have to say, this past year has been the best!

So many good things have happened to me ^_^ I've completed my first year of uni~! (hopefully without failing any subjects @_@), I've lost friends, gained friends and become stronger friends with those who are close to me, I'm in a happy (however distant) relationship with a beautiful manly nerd (*snicker*), I finally got my DS XD (Oooo how long have I wanted thee, nintendo.... ) and I've been spoilt rotten to no end~ ^.^

My birthday gifts were rather excellent this year too~ (and I got some of them early XD)

My mum (after much convincing) bought me my lurvely pink DS Lite, Clubhouse Games and accessories ^.^ as well as a really nice blank-paged diary (perfect for sketching!) and a book on colour healing (really interesting~).

My dad's gone and bought me a laptop ^_^ It's a bit old (2003 I believe) but he's done it up - and with confirmation from my computer-genious lil brother - it'll be perfect for me~ Shall be getting that on wednesday ^.^ (I'm going to visit him from the 21st november til the 1st dec. Yay! Cable tv, air con and UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF TEH BEST ICED COFFEE EVER AT MAH FINGERTIPS!! ^o^ )

My brother spoilt me by spending his own money to COMPLETELY update mah computer @_@ (so... happeh.... ) and he bought me an external harddrive ^_^o I don't have to ask him for anime or movies anymore~ <3 YAY!

Naomi bought me AWESOME airplane earrings!! >_< Love them so much - so sparkly ... *is wearing them now* while Matt (Oh I ruv juu...) bought me Nintendogs (IT'S SO COOL! Voice activation! o.o My digital puppy - a chihuahua named 'keeki' or Cake - it's written in katakana ^^ - responds to mah voice!... only need Avatar n Meteos: Disney Magic now n ah'm set for mah gaming for a while ^.^ ). Alex-kun n his girlfriend Tally spoilt meh by getting me A MASSIVE Mega Blocks "Ariel Underwater Kingdom".... ages 1+ hehehhe he knows me too well - but it's so cute! I'm gonna build it on mah desk ^.^ bwuhahahah

Natalie bought me sparklers n shiny Tinkerbell earrings and Heffy gave meh $20 (which ah'm saving for Avatar ^^ ).

One of the best gifts came from Josh though... Don't think he realizes how brilliant his gift is. On my actual birthday he rang me and sung meh happy birthday, playing on the piano (hilarious accent XD)and, much to my surprise, said he'd managed to get me a card and that it should be there in the mail. Had said many times, sounding guilty, that he still didn't know what to get me and that it would have to be an 'I.O.U.' <-- to which I said not to worry as I didn't expect anything @_@ but was thrilled to get a card XD *loves cards* .... but yes.... got home many many hours later (I had a study group in brissy on my b'day -_- ... exam was in two days - luckily ah think I did well ^_^ ), went to the mailbox and sighed when there was only business letters there.... only to walk to my door and find this MASSIVE bouquet of flowers waiting for me at the door!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!

I'd never received flowers like that before... EVER.... and as typical as it is to give a girl flowers - it really means a lot to me ^_^ I just love the whole idea of getting them. In my opinion, it's the sweetest thing a guy can do.

In the past, I'd only ever received flowers twice: a rose from Matt-Matt on Valentine's Day last year (which was really sweet ^_^o he gave a rose to each of his best female friends~ ), and a small bouquet of pink flowers from Prince (that I left in Melbourne as I didn't know if I could take them on the plane or not with me T_T ) when I went to Melbourne for a visit 3years ago. Both of which are my two best male friends - and who I wasn't dating at the time (In fact I was single both times ^^; ). Both times really lovely gifts - but not the same.

But yes... Tamuski and Armando also spoilt me XD

To celebrate my b'day - I invited a bunch of my closest friends to come to timezone with me in surfers... not the brightest thing to do since we went on the first day of schoolies ^^;; buuuut still lots of fun ^.^ Matti, Tahg and Sasha couldn't make it - but everyone else came and we all played muchos games and had fun. The highlight though, was what we did after gaming... after 5 years of looking at this place and wishing we would go in (always said 'one day' or 'next time').... Tahli, Armando, Matt, Naomi and I.... all went and got OLDEN DAY PHOTOS!! >___<


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Left to right: Matt (looks like he just killed someone o.o ), Naomi (very sexeh pic ^_^ love her pose), Myself (I look like the leader keke... wish I had off the shoulder T_T), Tahli (her outfit was gorgeous! Suits her so well @_@ and the cigarette XD she's a smoker) and Armando(vereh cool ^.^ )~)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Me... heheh they originally gave me a gun - but after realising I had one in the other shot - switched it for money... They made me look so evil!! XD *loves it* )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Matt-matt looks so good as a cowboy ^_^ )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(DAMN this suits Naomi so well @_@ )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Such a gorgeous shot of Tahli and Armando ^_^o I wish they had of kept the other one though XD That one was priceless! The camera guy told them to look at each other - so Tahli looked at Armando with this look of disgust hahahah twas so funny - looked great! but nya... they kept this one... which is sweet nonetheless ^_^ )

I love them all so much ^.^ <33 I have the real thing of the group and my own pic (and currently matt-matt's one - he told me I could have it but I think his mum'll want it XD)

kekeke Tahli showed my mum and she absolutely adores them! Now she's talkin about getting one of Miles, her and myself ^_^o Which'll be AWESOME!!

Tahli n I are plotting our next one toos XD Next time Josh is here - we've decided we're gonna get a group Mobster one ^.^ Bring on teh roarin' 20s!! <333 It'll look so cool!!

but yah... on a completely different note - my work is finally giving me shifts @_@ I got a WHOLE 12hrs this mon n tues XD YAY! (I had NO hours last week... and 4hrs before that -_- ) Luckily, I think I'll be given quite a few hours when I come back from my dad's ^.^ so I won't have to transfer jobs~ <3 *crosses fingers*

I can't wait to go to melbourne... Plotting to go there for the month of February (all of it! hehe) aaaall I need is money >_<

mmhmmm... that about updates everything I've been upto hehe ^_^o


*scampers off to play her DS more*

xx Laur

Also, Josh if you've read this (doubt it, but hey XD), cheer up k darling... thinking of and missing you~ <3
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04 October 2007 @ 10:05 pm
Only 3 more days for me in melbourne. We extended my trip by an entire week at the co-operation of my Jap lecturors (I had an exam today ^^; we resheduled it to monday instead)... I'm a little torn really. I miss my family and friends... but I really don't want to go home. I'm not looking forward to all my assessment and exams. I'm not looking forward to sleeping alone. I not looking forward to possibly being 'single' again... hoping for that not to become a reality.

Time truly has flown and a lot has happenned while I've been here. After my flight was delayed by 3.5hrs (I was on my own T_T ), I got to see my darling at the airport and then get some good sleep once we caught a train and tram home. I've been to the city many times, took part in a part of a flash mob at flinder's street, caught up with Prince and Nina, went to the Melbourne Royal Show (Josh's got the best location! LITERALLY right across from the showgrounds! Fireworks everynight for over a week ^_^ <3 ), bought a new phone that I love (as of yesterday that is. My beautiful old phone went for a ride in the washing machine... -_- ), met heaps of great people, watched all the series of Coupling and finally saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Fantastic film.), heard Josh play much much wonderful piano and sing (highlight), and despite a small breakdown one night - been very very happy.

I'm happy.

... however short the time...

I'm happy with him.
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09 September 2007 @ 07:24 pm
Woooow it's been a long time since I posted anything here. Gawd I'm slack ^^; Sorry y'all - I DO LIIIIVE bwuhahahha *ahem*

First things first - HOMGWTFSQUEEEEEEBBQ Damn what a wonderful life ah have~ ^__^o In recent news I've become very veeeery close to someone very special as of late ^_^o So much so that (whether he likes it or not ^.^ ) I'm a 'taken gal'~

Unfortunately I seem to be cursed with only liking 'Melbourne pianists'... so very troublesome -_- Ah well... I'll be visiting my man very very soon ^_^ (12days to be exact~) and consequently Prince, Nina and Michael whilst I'm there~ YAY!! (my man booked and payed for my flights @__@ *dies* )

Mmmm yet asides from love and such mushy things, uni has been tiring, my health has been deteriorating (I'm just getting over bronchitis... and I had a nasty cold two weeks before that -_-;; ), suffering an art and writing block and becoming increasingly better at Minesweeper Flags. ^_^o WOO

I have quite a bit of assessment to complete before the holidays start @_@ Praying I get them all done in time...

Aaaaand that about sums up my past few months ^_^o + hanging out with friends n such~


xx Laur
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18 March 2007 @ 08:27 pm
Gwen Stefani
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Gwen Stefani is a music and fashion icon. Beginning with her career as the lead singer of the multi-platinum Grammy award winning band No Doubt, Gwen has performed the world over including the Super Bowl halftime show and opening spots for the Rolling Stones and U2.

2007 marks the launch of Gwen's world tour in support of her already platinum new album, The Sweet Escape, which includes the hit singles "The Sweet Escape featuring Akon" and "Wind It Up".

Gwen brings The Sweet Escape Tour to Australia this July and August. The tour starts in Brisbane on 28 July, plays Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and finishes in Perth on 7 August.

Sat 28 Jul - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Mon 30 Jul - Acer Arena, Sydney
Thu 2 Aug - Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park
Sun 5 Aug - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Tue 7 Aug - Burswood Dome, Perth



Interested?? Message me on here or on msn! ^__^o <33 Tickets are $105
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25 February 2007 @ 09:10 pm
I'm moving.

Mum, Miles and I are putting the house on the market and moving ^_^

We've picked the area, we'll be living in Coomera - a few suburbs away.

WE'LL BE BUILDING OUR OWN HOUSE!!! in the new Genisis estate ^__^o

Although we'll have to wait a few months for everything to be settled and for the house to be built, aaand I'll really miss the house we're in now (it's beautiful) - I'm really looking forward to it.

Mum's looking for rental places now for when we're building~

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17 February 2007 @ 11:09 pm
Man... I'm just... feeling so..

*sighes* Been so weird lately. My emotions are so scattered. One minute I'm up, next I'm down... and it's not due to anything related to being female.. or being sick ... I just... I don't know...

I'm just lonely I guess... feeling really alone. I know I'm not, I just feel that way...

I don't know why the heck I'm posting this, please, no one respond... I don't want any response... I just needed to let it out somewhere...

I couldn't sleep. -_- though I guess I should try...
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